December 3, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

Do you ever feel like you're caught in an endless machine? You know, "In order to accomplish A, I have to first finish B, C, and D but before I can get to those I have to go back and get X, Y and Z done"? I sometimes feel like life is an endless game of this.

In this particular case I'm thinking of my desire to have more kids. MC's not totally on board with the idea. He wants to make sure we're doing alright with our finances and homeschooling, etc. You know, sensible stuff. To help with our finances, we're trying to get my business up and running--better product, website, shows, more sales. To boost the business we've added more shows this season and are working constantly on developing new products. Because we've been so busy this show season, schooling has been put on a back burner. I figure we'll just make it up in December. We're homeschoolers...why can't we do school during "Christmas break"?

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