March 17, 2009


Want a really fun way to spend an evening? Gather a bunch of your friends together, huddle around a computer, and pull up all the old MTV videos you used to watch when you were growing up. It's great! We just did this on Sunday night with some friends of ours. We had so much fun. It's amazing how it takes you back. We all sang along at the top of our lungs, even when we didn't remember all the words.

The best part was listening to all the kids saying things like, "Why are they dressed so funny?" "He has weird hair." Ahhh, the good old days!!


  1. I bet that was a blast! haha Did your kids dance around with you guys, or just laugh at you?

  2. They just laughed at us. All that good quality entertainment was lost on them!

  3. Sounds asi if I left Home group too early, And I had my camera with me. j Phooey!