June 1, 2009


It's finished! Five months and hundreds of pages later, my first book is finished. I am so excited, it's hard to sit still. I've read and reread, edited and re-edited and I'm quite pleased with the finished product. I have passed on a copy to a select few to read and give me their opinion so now I just sit and wait...anxiously. My dream would be to have it published. Along with the next books that I have planned (some of which are already being outlined). I've already looked into the publishing process and I have a game plan. But for now, I am just living on the high of having completed my book!

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  1. Congratulations...how exciting! Can't wait see it on the shelves and buy my very own Sheri Tharp novel! Good luck with the publishing process. I had no idea you like to read as much as I do...we should start a book club or something fun! :)