June 22, 2011

Hailey the Wonder Cat

My cat has officially earned her keep. I know, I know. No one gets a cat and expects it to do anything other than provide soft fur for cuddling and maybe a few antics when it's a kitten to fulfill that "Ahhhhh..." cuteness factor. Unlike a dog that you can train and teach tricks, a cat's sole purpose is to give you someone to talk to when the kids are at school and to catch the flies the kids let in the house when they forgot to shut the door. Again.

My cat, Hailey, has been meeting her cuddle quotient since we got her as a 7 week old kitten back in December and she finally mastered fly catching last month. Our cat has lived up to her potential. Perfect.

But I've just now discovered that Hailey possesses a secret power that I never dreamed of. Something that is so powerful I find myself in complete awe--not to mention a bit of envy. She has just managed to snag the attention of 5 children---And.Keep.Them.Occupied. It's an amazing feat that I don't know has ever been achieved by a single cat.

It started out simple enough. Having been banished to the bathroom for the last few days while in heat, Hailey was let out for a little play time. Howdy grabbed a shoelace and started using it to play a game with her. That quickly escalated to him running laps around the living room, dining room and kitchen while she ran full out after him, trying to catch that blasted shoelace. She went skidding across the floor, she tumbled into somersaults, she banked up off the fireplace hearth, all to the amusement of myself, MC and Howdy. I think I found Howdy's high pitched giggle fits more entertaining than our spastic cat.

But then word spread and the kids ventured out of their rooms and away from the Pokemon cards. In no time at all, 4 of the kids were perched on the couch while watching the fifth kid try to outrun the cat. And every single one of them was laughing.

The best part about all of this? It didn't require any type of electronic device. For that, I may upgrade her to canned food.

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