October 8, 2011

Almost There

We've been in Texas for just over 4 months now and we are finally in our own house. We've been staying with MC's younger brother, Coach, and his wife this whole summer. I can't thank them enough for opening up their house to us. I know what it's like to have someone living with you and it can be...trying at times. Granted, it was kind of fun having my 3 little minions and their 2 munchkins play together but that also means that they fought together. Bubba came down with the stomach flu at one point and managed to share it not just with his immediate family but with his uncle as well. Play time meant twice as many toys to pick up and twice the video game turns to argue over. We are ever so thankful that we were allowed to stay as long as we did.

When we left WA, we put all our packed up belongings in a storage unit to await the day we found a house of our own and could then move all of our stuff down. I knew that since we would be staying with someone else, we would have very limited space so I packed up only what I could fit in Suzy. As I've mentioned before, that mini van was busting at the seams with kids, pets, plants, clothes, books and toys. If I couldn't squeeze it in the van, it went into storage. As meager as our belongings were, we still managed to fill up our room at Coach's house to the point that we were constantly trickling out to other areas in the house. To be fair, we did have 3 children and 2 adults all sharing the one bedroom. It was quite...cozy.

So imagine our excitement when we finally got the keys to our rental house. Our 4 BEDROOM rental house. I know! Each of the minions has their own room! MC and I not only have our own bedroom but we even have our own bathroom! And a walk-in closet! How great is that?

How is living in our own place, you ask? Absolutely lovely. Um, no, we don't really have any furniture yet, thank you for noticing. And no, we don't have dishes or pots and pans. And the house doesn't have a fridge or a washer or dryer. But did I mention? OUR.OWN.BATHROOM.

We've picked up a few oddball pieces of furniture here and there. A glass top coffee table from Coach and MC's lunch cooler served as a great dining table and chair for the kids until we picked up a table and chairs from one of MC's other brothers. An entertainment center is holding the TV we were given from one of MC's customers. Of course, we haven't had cable installed yet so it's really just a giant paperweight at the moment. The dorm-size mini fridge doesn't hold enough to actually stock up on food so I make a trip to Walmart or a nearby drive-thru every day to pick up dinner but that's only temporary. (I hope.) MC's sister has a washer and dryer we can pick up as soon as we can squeeze more than 30 min of free time into a day.

I'm just so tickled pink about having our own space that none of this is bothering me (much). Sleeping on a couple of blankets rolled out on the floor really isn't all that bad. It's just like camping--without the mosquitoes. And I haven't really missed TV much. I would love to watch football but I haven't been home long enough to see a game anyway. So right now I'm doing just fine without much furniture or amenities.

What I am missing though is my STUFF. I don't mean my clothes (which will be nice to get so I can change up my wardrobe) or all my fun kitchen gadgets (I can't really do much cooking right now anyway). What I'm missing is all the little things I see or use on a daily basis that make my space "home". I'm missing my calendar table which is Ground Zero for all things bill/schedule/mail related. I'm missing all the framed photos of my family that usually fill my walls. I'm missing plants being tucked in nooks and crannies all over the house (Currently, my waning plants are all tenaciously hanging onto life while sharing limited space on top of the entertainment center.). I'm missing my bride-and-groom collection which makes me smile every time I look at it because I think of all the friends who have contributed to the collection over the years. I'm missing the wall of bookshelves that MC built for me. I've always dreamed of a wall full of books and I finally got one--and then we moved. I could look at those shelves crammed full of books and knickknacks and things that were just "me" for hours. I'm missing all the pictures and magnets that cover my fridge to the point that it's anyone's guess what the actual color of the fridge is. I'm missing a laundry room that smells like Tide and dryer sheets. I'm missing a craft area that smells like dried flowers and burnt glue. I'm missing MC's garage that smells like sawdust and new house. I'm missing a kitchen that smells like bacon and cookies and happy tummys.

I just scheduled 4 days off of work so that we can go up to WA and load up all of our boxes onto a truck to be driven down here and I can't wait. I love the process of setting up a house even if I don't necessarily like moving. It's a fresh start. And I'm looking forward to turning this new house into our home.

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  1. That is great I do like reading these when I get time. Let me know when you need help unloading. Sis