November 16, 2011

They Love To Fly And It Shows

Ahh, back in the Pacific Northwest. I know, I know. I was just here. But I covet all this visit time since I probably won't be back again until next summer. This time I am in WA for a craft show. I will load everything up today, drive the 5 hours to the show on the other side of the state, drive home on Monday and then fly back to TX. So even though I will be here for about 5 days, I don't have much time to spend with anyone.

After going to bed at 1am, MC and I were up again at 3am to load up the van and drop me off at the airport. Had to make sure we were there 2 hours early and all that. Only I got there and there were no agents on duty to check all of us and our luggage in. No one came on duty until 4:45. Nice. Thanks for the notice. I could've slept in for another half hour. (I should probably note that I wasn't flying out of DFW but a smaller airport.) And if that wasn't enough, after we'd all been checked in, we had to wait in line at security--not because it takes so long to do the whole strip-and-body-cavity search but because the security team wasn't even on duty yet. Really? I hurried for this?

Flying on Southwest, it's never a straight shot anywhere so I had a layover in Albuquerque. I wasn't going to complain though. They more than made up for it with a semi-empty plane. I actually got to sit in an exit row. Hello, leg room! The sun rose while I was in the air and I got a great shot from my window. I passed the time with a book, knowing if I passed out I would end up snoring and garner nasty looks, if not complaints, from my neighbors.

The flight to Seattle was the same way--roomy. At least, for everyone else. Apparently I looked inviting enough that out of all the other single passengers on the plane, one couple chose me to sit next to. Would I have preferred a row to myself? Uh, yeah! But I can deal. It's an airplane after all and I'm used to being squeezed in like sardines. I tried to lose myself in a book (I was almost done and couldn't NOT finish) but the couple kept snagging my attention. Apparently flying brought out side of them because they started kissing.

Now, I am a happily married woman who loves her some kissin', but on an airplane? And he was in an aisle seat so it's not like he had the illusion of privacy that being hidden away in a corner window seat could provide. Granted, girlfriend was apparently terrified to fly (big baby) so big man had to comfort her. Fine. Hold her hand. Give her a hug. Maybe a few "there, there"s. Don't start making out in my vicinity! It's bad enough we all have to share the same recycled air, don't bust out those hormones around me. And they weren't quiet about it either. Ewww! Can't a girl enjoy her overpriced air transportation in peace?

I finally finished my book ('Cause, hello? I wasn't going to put it away just because they were being all nasty.), used my kid's stuffed penguin I swiped that morning for a pillow and was able to get to sleep. It didn't last long enough however. I woke up just as we started our descent. Remember how girlfriend was afraid of flying? Well, that fear extended to the landing as well. And you know the best way to forget your fear is distraction, right? Yeah, you guessed it. Big man was quick to step up to the plate for that one.

Other than the peep show on board, my flight was uneventful--always a good thing. I went down and snagged my luggage and did a quick change before heading out to meet my dad. See, I went from 70* weather in Dallas to 40* rain in Seattle. Off went the hoodie and flip flops. On went the coat, socks, tennis shoes and scarf. My dad found me and then we headed home through the rain drenched streets.

We did stop off for a bite to eat though. He took me to a little hamburger joint called Pick Quick. For those of you in this area it's a lot like Frisko Freeze. Translation: greasy old fashioned burgers, crispy shoestring fries and milkshakes so thick you need a spoon. Mmmm! Now THAT'S the stuff.

So now I'm back at the homestead, getting ready to spend the next 5 days running around like crazy--cramming in visits, the Breaking Dawn premiere (oh yes, I'm one of THOSE people), a show and travel time. As always, I expect to have a great time and come home completely exhausted and with plenty of blog fodder.

Now if only I could get my hands and feet to warm up.

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  1. good luck sweetie!!! and take some pics for those of us down here who miss home!!!