January 3, 2012

Ring in the New Year

Ah, January. A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. The time when people everywhere take stock of their lives and make vows to change that which they are not pleased with. It's time for the New Year's Resolution. I have to be honest with you, I haven't been the greatest at resolutions. It's not that I'm bad at keeping them, I just don't generally make them to begin with. But a new year means a new me, right?

What would a new year be without a resolution be to lose weight and get in shape? While I have been blessed with my daddy's great metabolism, I have had 3 kids, survive on processed foods and the most exercise I get is rolling the trash can to the curb. Where I would love to see six pack abs there is currently a sizeable lump of bread dough taking up residence. Areas of my body that I never gave much thought to before are now feeling a bit...looser. (How exactly do you tone up a neck anyway?) I've always been proud of the little bit of muscle I had in my biceps thanks to hauling around Bubba but now I'm noticing those same arms have a little extra wave to the backsides of them. I admit that I'm not the newest kid on the block anymore but I refuse to grow old gracefully.

So I shall exercise! And eat right! Bring on the healthy foods and the 5k runs because this girl is going to have a bikini ready body this summer! (Not that I would actually go out in public in one but I would like to know that I could.) To start with, I will go running. Well, I guess power walking is a better start considering I get winded running out to the car. And the kids are going back to school so I will have to do it before they get up or after they leave. They get up at 6:15 so I would have to get up at, what? 5am? 5:15? Since we've been on break, I don't think I've been up before 9am and the only time I've ever intentionally got up to go walking was when I had my mom movitating me to join her and she is now 3000 miles away. I guess I can try walking while the kids are in school--after I make sure the laundry and dishes are done and I have no errands to run or phone calls to make...and I've caught up on Facebook...and I have nothing to blog about.

That covers my exercise program, now I have to tackle the healthy eating. The key for me is to cut out all the carbs and white flour and sugar. That leaves...um, vegetables. Except I don't like any vegetables that actually have any nutritional value. My dinner plate tends to be of a yellow hue--chicken, starch, bread, corn. Without starches, breads or vegetables, I suppose I can eat more fruit. So after cutting out all the fatty, empty-calorie foods that I eat, as well as all the foods that are healthy but make me gag, I am left with, um, chicken breasts and fruit. Yay.

OK, my resolution is to eat only chicken breasts and fruit--giving up my Ben & Jerry's, Dr. Pepper, peanut M&Ms, mashed potatoes with country gravy, pizza, CiCi's cinnamon rolls--wash it all down with bottled water--because TX water is nasty--and get up at 5am to go walk...by myself. Wow. I can see why these resolutions never last past February.

New resolution. This year, I resolve to eat less take out and invest in Spanx.

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  1. Get the Spanx with the hole on the crotch, lord knows that has saved me from peeing on myself.

    I've got a simple diet that help me lose 10lbs in two weeks. All your three meals will be the same: Protein (Chicken or Eggs) Beans (Black or Pinto in a Can) & Veggies (Frozen or Stir Fry Style). Eat that for 2 weeks straight, you'll see a difference by your 3rd day. Eat Fruit in between for a natural sugar boost. It's supper easy & drink plenty of water.

    *Shaddai Berron