February 6, 2012

The Final Frontier

MC and I took the kids to a free show at the Planetarium the other night. After some poor communication on the part of the program director which led to us sitting through a very dry lecture on The Life and Death of Stars (zzzzz), we got to wait in a crowded lobby for 30 minutes to see the actual Planetarium show. We've been to the Planetarium at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and it was amazing to see the night sky with all the millions of stars broadcast overhead. And while this presentation was absolutely nothing like the one in Seattle, I found I did learn a few things I'd like to share.

1. If you are going to present a lecture that involves words like neutrina (which, despite what it sounds like, is NOT a dog food), luminosity, and pulsars, and involves complex mathematical equations, you should try to find someone to deliver that lecture who isn't a Ben Stein clone.

2. According to astronomers, all the materials on Earth originate in space. We are, in their words, made up of "space stuff". Does mean that we're all aliens?

3. They may have funny names but nebulae are freakin' awesome! Looking at pictures I can't help but see the hand of God in their creation.

4. Given that the overhead projection show actually made me seasick watching it, I don't think I would survive the "Vomit Comet" used to prepare astronauts for living in a gravity-free zone.

5. Since astronauts could face as much as a 2% loss in bone density, they have to exercise 2 1/2 hours a day while in space. Another reason I'd never make it as an astronaut. I don't exercise 2 1/2 hours a WEEK!

6. Having your video narrated by a cartoon shark with a "Joisey" accent does not make it fun, it makes it obnoxious. If I wanted to hear someone who is not amusing talk like a Wise Guy, I'd turn on Jersey Shore. However, having Ewan McGregor narrate something apparently makes it infinitely more enjoyable. (See #1)

It turns out these free evenings are a regular occurrence at the Planetarium. I'm not sure if we'll attend again or not. I think I'll hold out for one that's narrated by Gerard Butler.

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