March 3, 2012

The Hills Are Alive...

Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely love my family? Seriously, they are awesome. You know when you're watching a TV show or movie and there's a family driving in a car, all wearing their matching Gap polos and sporting perfectly coiffed hair, and they spontaneously burst into song? And of course you roll your eyes and maybe even gag a little because that is so ridiculously cheesy--no one does that in real life. I mean, come on.

Well, we are that family. (Only substitute mismatched thrift store finds for the Gap clothes and give everyone shaggy hair that is 2 months past haircut time.)

My family and I love to listen to music together and we are big fans of the Kidz Bop CD series. I know, I know. Those CDs of kids singing pop songs were created by the devil as torture for unsuspecting parents but they have their good points. Yes, those pre-pubescent tween voices frequently make my eardrums bleed, but I can guarantee they will never utter a word that I will have to explain the meaning to. Any questionable word or subject is changed to make it kid appropriate. In these versions, no one will kiss--they will hug. Any mention of having sex is now a mention of sending a text. I get to listen to artists like Pink, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, and Katy Perry without having to worry about skipping over words or even half the song. Another bonus? I can actually understand the words. While listening to these songs in their original format on the radio, there are lines that I mumble through or just make up my own words to because I can't for the life of me figure out what in the world they are saying. (You know you do it, too.) But I can figure out all the lyrics when it's kids singing them.

While Kidz Bop is our favorite, we are also fans of Weird Al and Straight No Chaser (an a capella band). We crank the knob up and sing along at the top of our voices. Howdy and Sassy sometimes get a little irritated because songs like "Amish Paradise" and "Another One Rides the Bus" will get Bubba breaking out his dance moves in the van, (They are not impressed with his dancing.) but in general, it's a good time for all.

And when music isn't readily available, we make our own. MC has a habit/love of changing words to songs to fit the situation, any situation. For example, if I'm doing laundry, it can be set to Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain":
"I'm doing laundry, all day
Even though I would, rather play"
It's a gift, really. After being exposed to this particular talent all their lives, the kids are picking up on it as well. And it makes us so proud!

In fact, they made my whole day recently--possibly my whole week. I came out of the bedroom singing, "I see you drivin' round town with the girl I love..." and all 3 of the kids, who were camped out in front of cartoons, jumped in with "And I'm like, forget yoouuu, ooo-ooo-oooo". Nothing says family bonding like CeeLo Green.

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