May 14, 2012

Martha Vs Mavis

Isn't it amazing how quickly your house can get out of control? It's clean one day, then you miss a day or two because of sports or activities or (heaven forbid) illness and the next thing you know the dirty dishes and laundry have bred like rabbits and the junk mail is attempting to erase the proof of your dining table's existence. I won't even mention those ninja-like dust bunnies that crop up out of nowhere or the bathroom that is now decorated in a lovely shade of toothpaste.

Despite my anal tendencies, I am not a great housekeeper. I will never be a Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker and my blog will never be on par with the Flylady. I have earned my Slacker Mom title. However, I have random spurts of deep cleaning and moments of extreme organization. And while no one is rushing to build a TV show around me or hand me the reins of my own magazine, I would be so bold as to categorize myself in those instances as possibly Martha's slightly less ambitious cousin. She's a woman who can keep her household on track with only a few detours, but she doesn't have time to pickle her own beets or make her own mint jelly. She's Martha Stewart Lite. We'll call her...Mavis. Mavis is a real mom--her iron is buried so deep in the closet it would take an archeological expedition to unearth it, her potpourri came out of a bag and is still on display even though it smells like dust, and she has literally swept things under the rug. Martha is a fantasy to aspire to while knowing it's not physically possible to accomplish so much in only 24 hours. (I harbor suspicions that Martha is actually a cyborg in a sweater vest.) Mavis is reality--my reality. I am not a domestic role model but I do have a few tricks up my never-ironed sleeve, and, if you allow me to be so presumptuous, I'd like to share them with you.

Sprinkled in my regular posts, I would like to pass on my (questionable) wisdom. I'll share with you the tricks I know to keep paperwork, laundry, and sometimes kids, under control. I'll tell you my secrets for cutting down prep time at dinner and how I stopped making 2 or 3 different meals every night. I'll tell you how I got my kids to start cleaning their own rooms and the joy of opening the dishwasher to find that someone already emptied it. I do not have everything running smoothly and my house is frequently cluttered, but who knows? I may have something to share that you haven't thought of? And in the process, maybe all of you can share some of your Making Life Easier tips and tricks with me.

Um, but if any of those tips involve avoiding Pinterest and Facebook in order to have more time to devote to household chores, you will be forgiven for not sharing.

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