May 10, 2012

The Pen Pal Project

Yesterday I proposed The Great Penmanship Project. I have decided to change the name to keep our kids from running in the other direction if they hear about it. It is now The Pen Pal Project and I'm spreading it like crazy. I am passing it along to everyone on my email list, Facebook friends and friends at church. In case you missed it yesterday, here are the basic details again.

In an effort to teach my kids better penmanship and the lost art of letter writing, I want to find them some pen pals. If anyone is interested in having a summer pen pal for their kid(s), then you need to join. What you'll do is send me your child's name/gender/mailing address, a contact email for you and if you have any pen pal preferences (i.e. only a girl, or someone the same age). Send all this to me at by May 26th and then on June 1st, I will send you the information for your child's new pen pal. It would be great if we could get the kids to write once a week. I know summer gets busy but the more our kids practice writing, the better they will get and the easier it will be. And who knows? Maybe when summer is over they'll want to continue writing.

I myself love to write letters. I send out letters every week to family, friends and even a couple of soldiers I've "adopted". While I love the internet and the ease of keeping connected in that way, nothing beats a handwritten letter. If any of you adults would like to join in and find a pen pal, I would love to get us all connected as well.

Please forward this to everyone you know that might be interested in helping their kids connect with other kids while improving their handwriting skills. Feel free to pass along yesterday's post as well.

Happy Writing!

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