December 14, 2013

Nightmares and Nonsense

Sassy is a sleepwalker. It doesn't happen frequently but it does happen. When we lived in WA, she would come downstairs, walk all the way around my bed to get to the side where I sleep and then utter something nonsensical before I would tuck her back in her own bed. By all appearances, she looked fully awake the whole time.

Since living in TX, it's only happened a couple of times. Once she came in and woke me up and asked, "Can I eat that?" She wasn't even holding anything. I answered, "No, go back to bed" and then she turned around and did just that.

Right now she is sick, poor baby. For 2 days she's been fighting a fever that has spiked to 103* several times and has caused some very interesting conversations. This morning she woke me up at about 4am--she was crying and said she'd been having nightmares. I climbed out of bed and snuggled up on the couch where she was camped. She tried to explain her nightmares but said she couldn't and eventually drifted off to sleep. Laid out on my side on my 2 inches of couch I attempted to do the same but with considerably less success. While she dozed off and on, I alternated between trying to keep my body on the couch without it going numb and racing through the day's packed schedule in my head.

Occasionally Sassy would wake up, always crying a bit. The first time she told me her forehead hurt. She followed that up with, "I didn't mean for it to be so big." Whaaa? You didn't mean to have a big forehead? Or a big headache? I just sat there trying to decipher what she meant while she just laid there with her eyes open and looking miserable. I gave up and she fell asleep again.

She woke up a 2nd time, crying, and I assumed she'd had nightmares again. She started gesturing to the air above her stomach and mumbling something I couldn't translate. On the 3rd try I finally got it--"There are so many dispensers here!" Apparently those invisible dispensers (?) were causing her a lot of anxiety. I just sat there staring at her. What was I supposed to say? Eventually she turned her head and caught me staring at her. That set off a whole new round of crying.

When she finally fell asleep again, I admitted that I was never going to get any sleep out there with her. I finally slipped off the couch and into my own bed at 7am. At 7:33 she woke me up because of her nightmares again. Back to the couch.

She mumbled some more nonsense 2 more times but my sleep-deprived brain can't seem to recall it, and she is currently still on the couch making her attempt at sleeping. I'm now afraid that after my restless night on the couch I may just end up sounding like her today. So if I wander up to you today and mutter something completely ridiculous, just blame Sassy's fever.

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