December 6, 2013

Thunderstorm Ahead

The weather in Texas is as unpredictable as the lottery. You'll have warm temperatures and clear skies, a perfect day to be outside. But then, as your eyes make another pass across that ocean of blue above you, you realize it's not as blue as it was a moment ago, not as bright. And that's when you see that wall of grey advancing.

It's a thunderstorm heading right in your direction. With little to no warning you are suddenly under a deluge of pouring rain, violent winds, and thunder that shakes the foundation of your house. Day turns to night as the sunlight is choked off by the swollen clouds. These storms are unpredictable, sometimes lasting just a few minutes and sometimes dragging on for what seems like hours. Those on the ground have no choice but to hunker down and wait it out, praying they stay dry, that the house will hold firm, that the trees will stay rooted.

As quickly as it starts, it's over. For Mother Nature, the orchestrator of the whole event, this is a chance to wash everything clean, to purge all the pollution and start anew. As for the rest of us, we are left shaken and anxious as we survey the damage and go about the task of setting things to right. It takes time for our nerves to settle, and we are just thankful to have survived the storm intact.

Life goes back to normal until the next freak storm, whirling tornado, or flash flood.

But, wait...didn't you know? This isn't just the description of storms in the spring, this is what it's like when Hurricane Bubba sweeps through. This is what it's like when his senses get overloaded, his anxiety spikes, or the world just does not match up to the way his brain tells him it should be. The yelling, screaming, kicking, hitting, throwing, crying commences and the only thing the rest of us can do is to hunker down and try to contain the damage. And when it's over, Bubba will carry on while the rest of us take longer to set things to right, both physically and emotionally.

While we return to life as usual, there is always that small part of us that remains on alert, that is on the lookout for another storm to pop up with no warning.

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