February 3, 2014

The Bowl That Was Truly Super

I'm not sure how I made it to work this morning when I swear my feet never touched the ground. I am still riding a high from my beloved Seattle Seahawks winning their first ever Super Bowl.

Did you see the game??? If you missed it, let me rehash it for you. Kickoff, Go Seahawks!, the Broncos decide to play in the 3rd quarter, change their mind, game over, cue blue and green confetti. This was not the game anyone was expecting. I fully expected my boys to win but I thought there would be more of a struggle, more of a GAME. Although, honestly? I'm okay with not having to bite my nails for once.

And now they'll be coming back to Seattle to present that trophy in a parade that will host tens of thousands of loyal 12th Man fans. How I wish I could be among that crowd, camera in hand.

I was 2 when the Seahawks franchise started so I have no memory of NOT being a Seahawks fan. I grew up with NFL games on constantly during the season and the outcome of the Hawks' games determining whether we would have Happy Daddy or Avoid Him At All Costs While He Pouts Daddy. I learned about the fundamentals of the game at my daddy's feet while he (not so patiently since I was interrupting his game) answered all my questions. "What's the flag for?", "What does first and ten mean?", "What's an onside kick?" (Note to my dad: As a huge fan myself with my own children, I now understand the why-are-you-talking-to-me-can't-you-see-there's-a-game-on frustration.)

I remember the days before the lime green, before the 12th man, before CenturyLink, before Skittles rained
down on game day. I remember the Steve Largent poster I used to have hanging in my room. I remember iconic players like Dave Krieg, Warren Moon, Cortez Kennedy, and Curt Warner. I remember when the big rivalry wasn't between the Hawks and the 49ers but between the Oakland/then LA/then Oakland Raiders. I got to experience the first BeastQuake and I will always remember the sheer joy in screaming my throat raw with 67,000 other 12s. I remember when it wasn't cool to be a Seahawks fan (I believe that only ended yesterday).

As I grew older, I learned even more about the game I already loved from my husband, a man contractually obligated to still love me while I asked a million questions during the game. My kids have grown up knowing that when mommy screams at the TV it just means there's a game on. And they've witnessed my happy dance more times than they care to remember. As I moved away from WA, the Seahawks became a link to my home state and my family. We may not be together but I know that when our boys in blue are playing, we are all glued to the TV to watch at the exact same time.

Living in Seattle, you get used to a certain amount of disrespect thrown your way. No one has ever taken us seriously, and certainly not our football team. Even throughout this whole season and up to the big game, no one would give our team any credit, any respect. The Broncos were favored to win. Watching my team slaughter those little orange horsies made me wish I had put money on the game. I would have cleaned up! And then I would use that money to fly home to celebrate.

What I love the most about being a Seahawk fan (and only those true fans would bother to read this far, I'm sure), is being a 12. Being a 12 means you truly make a difference in the home games, it means you bleed blue, green, and grey, it means you have stuck with them through all the years of less than stellar seasons, it means you cry when your boys are heading to the Super Bowl and you cry again when they win, despite being in a room full of people who really could care less about the game. It means you are positively giddy when you see 12s from all over the world posting pics of their 12th Man flags and their Hawks gear. It means that when the boys come home on Wednesday and are celebrated with a ticker tape parade, you are bonded with all the hundreds of thousands of people who are celebrating with you over The Little Team That Could--the team that shut down all the haters, that proved they can back up their boasts, who proved that Wilson's motto for the year, "Why not us?", wasn't just an empty mantra.

As a true Seahawks fan, I have no doubt that our team, despite it's impressive win Sunday, will still have
many detractors--some people will always refuse to acknowledge Seattle as a quality team--but I know the truth. The Beast, the Legion of Boom, DangeRuss, Percy, Hauschka, Golden Tate, and all our other boys will continue on as they have--with strength, determination, and an unfailing drive to be the best that they can be.

We 12s would like to thank the team for an outstanding season. This win was much deserved!

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