April 22, 2014

Making the Time

My life is a lesson in (sometimes) controlled chaos. I pretty much run at 100 miles at hour except for the 6-7 hours that I'm recharging every night and, of course, those stolen naps whenever I can fit them in. (It's those naps that actually keep me going.) During all this time, during the meeting at work attended by Shaquille O'Neal; during the weekend competition the kids--along with thousands of other kids--participated in; during the battles with schools, an Autistic Bubba, an unruly Howdy, and and untrained puppy; during a ladies' retreat, a Girl Scout retreat, and a family retreat to Lubbock to catch up with old friends; during all those little moments where my brain is racing to try to capture the images, sights, and sounds of life as it unfolds around me I am writing, blogging, composing--all in my head. And I constantly long to share these little segments of my world with you.

I have to admit my reasons are purely selfish. Having a blog is like keeping an online diary--one that I love to look back on from time to time--so writing these memories down ensures that I will be able to go back and revisit them, relive them, and remember.

But I haven't been taking the time. I haven't been making the time. I compose something in my head and then a week goes by and I convince myself it's no longer timely, it's not relevant. But honestly, when I'm the only one who knows when something occurred, does it even matter? I realize that as this is MY life, I'm the only one who really misses out by not posting, but boy, do I miss out.

So forgive me if I should happen to dump a flurry of posts on you that some of you may recognize as something that happened in the not-so-recent past. But if I don't preserve those memories, those details, those feelings that occurred with my friends and family, I won't be able to go back and get a smile from revisiting them.

As always, I do try to entertain so I can only hope that you will get a smile as well.

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