July 8, 2014

Why Isn't This a National Holiday?

On this day in 1968, God created my best friend and the man with whom I would share all of my best adventures; God created MC. While he loves to make people laugh and drops one-liners like they're going out of style, he hates to draw attention to himself. Lucky for him that he married a woman who is happy to put him in the spotlight.

While I can't say I had a great example of marriage growing up (divorce runs rampant in my family--even my parents considered it more than once), I had an excellent example of what a family was and I knew that I wanted that one day. What I couldn't have known then and still surprises me to this day, is how much more I got when I married MC. He is truly my best friend and it's not sappy greeting card speak to say I love him more today than I did on our wedding day.

Those who know him would cite his dry humor and quick wit, but they would also say he's a good man, an honest man, a strong Christian example. They would also tell you what an amazing athlete he is, and that he can play almost any sport out there--and do it well. (How he ended up with an introverted bookworm whose idea of athletics is cheering enthusiastically at the game is something only God knows.) They could tell you that he's a great father, a loving husband, a caring brother, and a loyal friend.

But it's the things they can't tell you, the things I treasure close to my heart that have made me love him more than I ever thought possible.

Things like...

...getting up for all middle of the night feedings (no matter how many occurred in one night) with Howdy and then getting up and going to work the next morning when I was dealing with depression for months.

...putting in 90 hours at work one week to make sure we had enough money for the down payment on our first house.

...supporting me in anything and everything I want to do and making me feel like I can still do anything and be anything even though I'm now married with kids.

...pretending we are spies.

...sticking with me through the times that I went off my meds and off my rocker.

...loving my family while missing his own.

..."blankets and pie".

...forcing me out of my shell--no matter how much I grumble and complain--knowing that I will be grateful for it later.

...listening to me go on and on about all the plot points and character development in my stories even though he doesn't like to read and isn't huge fan of paranormal.

...letting me dress him up for Halloween in outrageous costumes even though I know he hates it.

...learning that leaving the house without a goodbye and a kiss is unacceptable.

...kissing away my pain.

...spooning with me every single night as we fall asleep.

...learning how to work around my quirks (not touching my heels, no folded hems, closing cupboard doors).

...accepting that we're raising bookworms instead of athletes.

...passing along the same sense of humor and "music appreciation" to our kids.

...quietly judging strangers with me as we people watch.

...allowing me to exploit every moment of our lives for laughs on my blog.

...sticking beside me through changes in jobs, cars, houses, states, churches, body size, and dreams. Things like making me feel safe, secure, and protected. Things like educating me and creating the desire in me to want to stay informed. Things like reading books to our babies and doing Sassy's hair and bonding with Howdy over a TV show and with Bubba over board games. Things like spurring me on to be a better Christian and to keep building that relationship with God. Things like making sure there is laughter, a hug, and a kiss in every single day. Things like getting up and going to work every day to keep us all fed, clothed, and in a warm home. Things like making me feel like a smokin' hot superhero chick who married the greatest secret treasure.

For all these reasons and more, there is no one I'd rather celebrate than MC. Happy Birthday, Babe!