May 31, 2015

A FAN-tastic Day!

In our house we have a "no Southern-isms" rule. This means no fixin' tos, no y'alls, no bless your hearts. But if ever there was a time to use the phrase "Y'all don't even know!", it was about 5 minutes after walking into the Dallas FanExpo/ComicCon when I was giddy with nerd overload.

MC and I have talked of attending a ComicCon, but I didn't even find out until last fall that there was one held in Dallas twice a year. Being unemployed for 5 months means there isn't money for non-essential things like a ComicCon. So when my niece called at 1:00 in the afternoon to tell me that Uncle D had to cancel and couldn't use his ticket, and it was MINE if I wanted it....I jumped at the chance. The icing on the cake was her next sentence, "The Firefly panel starts at 2:15 so if you hurry, you can make it." WHAAAAA? I am SO there! Commence Flight of the Bumblebee mode to turn myself from frumpy, past the shower expiration date, working-at-home-on-the-weekend Slackermom to suitable-for-public-viewing Slackermom. MC gave me a ride to the convention center so we wouldn't have to pay for the $15-$20 (no joke) parking, and I made it with just enough time to get registered and make it to the panel.

It was as I was waiting to meet up with my nephew who was bringing me my admission pass that MC called me to tell me he'd run out of gas...right outside the convention center. Oh, stink! The next thought that went through my head? Does this mean I have to leave to go help him? Selfish, but true. I rationalized that since I had neither a gas can nor a gas pump in my purse, I could be of no use and so I went on my way, leaving poor MC to fend for himself....for over an hour.

*Editor's Note: I apologize again, babe! And I really mean it!

With my General Admission bracelet securely on my wrist, I hustled through the convention center, squeezing through crowds of people decked out in their favorite self-aware geek tees, collectible superhero props, and even some over-the-top cult fave costumes. As I passed the Mario Brothers, Poison Ivy, Skeksi, Indiana Jones, Obi Wan Kenobi, Harley Quinn (lots of Harley Quinns, in fact), Hawkeye, and a Stormtrooper on my way to the Firefly panel featuring Nathan Fillion(!) and Alan Tudyk(!), my little geek heart was in heaven. Adults in costume! Nerdiness as the social norm! Nathan Fillion (I really can't stress this one enough)! It was sheer bliss!

I was late getting into the panel and I chose to stand in the back instead of fighting my way through the aisles for a seat, but it was worth every minute of standing to hear Cap'n Mal and Wash riffing off each other. You can tell the two of them truly love their fans and each other. They answered fan questions and kept everyone entertained and in stitches. My respect for them grew even more. As one of the fans said, "Wash, you'll always be our leaf on the wind."

I would have considered that right there to have been worth the hassle and drive, but there was more. There was oh, so much more. With my camera clicking away, I headed for the Exhibition Hall where vendors hawked everything from costumes and collectibles to prints and posters. You could get autographs from authors, illustrators, actors, and prop makers. You could get a caricature done of yourself or have some nasty zombie special-effects makeup applied. Whatever made your fan heart happy, you could find it there. (I even found a booth selling Steampunk stuff!)

There was just too much for me to take in all at once so I decided to focus on what I was REALLY interested in--the costumes. There's just something about embracing your inner cosplayer and heading out as your favorite character that appeals to me. Mostly I think I just like any excuse to dress up in costume. But obviously I'm not the only one as people of all ages came out in costumes of all types. I was lucky enough to get an up front seat to watch the costume competition and I was amazed and inspired.

My absolute favorite costume of the day was Malificent...

...but Starlord was a really close second. He even had an authentic mix tape!

One of the funniest things about the event was seeing the cosplayers walking down the street when it was over...still in costume. Some of the magic was lost once they stepped outside the walls of ComicCon.

While I didn't have time to throw on a costume of my own, I am already working on plans to be there next time--fully decked out in costume.

I can't wait.

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