June 18, 2015

The Push-Up Challenge

I saw a new challenge going around Facebook recently:

That's right. For every like you get on your post you are supposed to do a push-up. While this sounds like a fun way to get into shape (if there is such a thing), I do try to be honest with myself as much as possible, and that means that I had to admit to the fact that I don't do push-ups. Ever. Not even to get up off the ground. If I ever do find myself in the unfortunate position of being on the ground, I just roll around flailing my arms and legs until I somehow get lucky enough to flip over onto my knees to push myself up that way--sort of like a giant turtle. If I'm really lucky, I have a sympathetic friend along who will do the flipping for me. Like these two: 

But who am I to back away from a challenge? So I took that challenge post and tweaked it just a bit so that it would better suit my lifestyle. Now I feel like it's a challenge that is acceptable to me and worthy of posting on my timeline. Feel free to share it.
You're welcome.

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