September 12, 2015

How Are Your Housekeeping Skills?

In the spirit of absolute honesty and full disclosure, I have tell you what happened this morning when I finally ventured out of my bedroom. It's only because we have a sharing, committed relationship that is not based on judgment or one-upmanship that I feel I can share this with you and be so vulnerable. I feel it is my duty to share my warts-and-all life so that others will know they are not alone...or maybe just so you all feel better about your own life. I'm good either way.

MC and I head into the kitchen to scrounge up something for breakfast.
MC says, "Something in here reeks."
I completely agree that our kitchen has lost that fresh scent that it rarely has.
Me: "I'm sure it's the trash. I think it still has chicken pieces I cut off when I made dinner the other night." And, yup--the trash is definitely not smelling so hot.
Turning to get a bowl for cereal, I notice dishes from my lunch from Tuesday.
Me: "Or maybe it's this."
As I open the lid, the smell hits me. Oh yeah, I found the culprit. I wash out the dishes, happy the smell will now dissipate.
Only, while at the sink, I realize the glass dish used to cook Wednesday's meatloaf is sitting on the counter--and it's filled with water, "soaking".
Me, after moving the dish and activating the odor: "Oh, it's DEFINITELY this thing!" The smell is just shy of horrendous and I proceed to wash out the dish AND the sink.
Convinced that A.) the smell would now go away, and B.) we are terrible housekeepers, I return my attention to breakfast.
Then MC says, " could be this."
I turn and see him pointing out the cooler that was holding a tray of barbecue beans from Thursday. The beans had been put away but there was still plenty of sauce in and around the tray and spilled all over the inside of the cooler.

It might be time to hire a housekeeper.

Oh wait, I'd have to clean first.

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  1. I thought this was so funny! Honestly, I am a neat freak, so dishes left in the sink makes me crazy (I wish I could just let it go). But thank you for sharing because this is real life!